Policy Issues – Armenian Council of America


Policy Issues Advocated by Armenian Council of America (ACA)



Providing Humanitarian Aid for Displaced People of Artsakh

    • ACA actively advocates for humanitarian aid and safe return of displaced people to their homes.

Humanitarian Aid Illustration

Reaffirmation of the Armenian Genocide

    • ACA urges the U.S. government to recognize and reaffirm the Armenian Genocide.

Genocide Recognition Illustration

Inclusion of Armenian Genocide in School Curriculum

    • ACA advocates for the inclusion of Armenian Genocide in every school’s curriculum in the United States.

School Curriculum Illustration

Promotion of Human Rights and Minority Protection

    • ACA stands for human rights and protection of minorities in Turkey, Azerbaijan, and other regions.

Human Rights Illustration

Strengthening Diplomatic and Cultural Ties

    • ACA fosters cooperation and mutual understanding by strengthening ties between the U.S. and Armenia.

Diplomatic Ties Illustration

Legislation and Resolutions Support

    • ACA encourages the passing of legislation supporting Armenian cause and addressing key community issues.

Legislation Support Illustration