ICJ: Azerbaijan must allow ‘safe’ return to Nagorno-Karabakh Residents

The International Court of Justice has mandated that Azerbaijan must facilitate the safe, unimpeded, and prompt return of individuals wishing to go back to Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh).

While the ICJ’s decisions are legally binding, the court lacks the authority to enforce them. Azerbaijan’s Dictator Ilham Aliyev conducted a military parade in Stepanakert, Artsakh’s capital city, asserting complete control of the entirely deserted region, where most ethnic Armenians having already fled.

During the court hearings, Armenia accused Azerbaijan of “ethnic cleansing” in Artsakh. Armenia’s ICJ representative, Yeghishe Kirakosyan, emphasized the urgency of preventing irreversible forced displacement and protecting the remaining ethnic Armenians.

In response to the ICJ ruling, Azerbaijan is required to submit a report within eight weeks, detailing progress on fulfilling promises to allow Armenians to return.